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Laying quails food

Laying quails food
Laying quails food
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In captivity, quails are easy to grow. Even though common poultry diseases affect them, they are somewhat resistant. The domesticated breeds mature in about six weeks after hatching. With proper care, they can begin reproducing when they are 50 to 60 days old. Female varients are able to lay an average of 200 eggs during their first year. Because of these characteristics raising quail for egg production is becoming popular. Sepehrdane company provides laying quail specific diet to ensure the health of these birds

 Formulated in the form of pellets, based on soy, corn and other full protein and high energy nutrients

  Contains essential mineral and vitamin supplements

 Balanced levels of calcium and phosphorus to ensure continuing egg production

انرژی متابولیسمی (ME)2680±0/5
سدیم (Na)0/16%
فسفر (P)0/5%
لیزین (Lys)1/12%
متیونین (Met)0/5%
متیونین + سیستیین0/82%
پروتیین خام (C.P)18/5±0/5
کلر (Cl)0/18%
کلسیم (Ca)1%